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    50 Piece PDR System


    This professional pdr system can by used on almost 95% of the dents.


    Art: 02006

    Rods 5 PCS Stainless Rod Set

    Art: 02011

    5 PCS 30cm Ø6mm Stainless Rod Set

    Art: 12008

    6PCS Brace Tool Set

    Art: 09020

    3PCS Door Set

    ART: 18002

    5PCS Whal;e Tail Set

    Art: 12014L

    35cm Ø3mm Wire Tool Left

    Art: 12014R

    35cm Ø3mm Wire Tool Right

    Art: 10013

    60cm. Stainless Rod 67˚Bullet

    Art: 14016D

    60cm. 90˚ screw on tip tool M5/16 thread

    Art: 14007D

    90cm. Ø12mm ˚90 Srew-On Tip Rod

    Art: 14028D

    110cm. Ø12mm 90˚ screw-on tip rod

    1x Set Tool Tips (6PCS)

    1x Teflon Stift TST 1

    1x Teflon Stift TST 2

    1x Enkele Haankring

    1x Dubbele Haakring

    1x Roofstrap

    1x Raamwig

    1x Window Cover

    1x Winbag

    1x Doorjammer

    1x Hoodprop

    1x Rachet Rope ¼

    1x Blending Hammer

    2x Grease pencil 1x Blue 1x White

    2x Tool Case PP Plastic


    Article number
    Art: 10221
    Art: 10221


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