paintless dent removal equipment

    paintless dent removal equipment

    With Car Cosmetics B.V.'s PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) tools, small dents in vehicles within your company can be easily and quickly removed. We have been providing quality tools for 28 years and have a wide range of different tools available that you need for the repair technique of dent removal without painting. This method ensures that all customers receive a 100% successful result. Furthermore, we offer a lifelong guarantee on your purchase.


    What is paintless dent removal?

    Paintless dent removal is a repair technique used to fix small parking dents and damages from, for instance, hail or acorns. This method preserves the original paint of the car. With the help of special PDR tools, dents can be removed even from difficult to reach places underneath supports. There is no color difference and the repair becomes completely invisible. Moreover, the PDR technique is environmentally friendly and up to 70% cheaper than conventional methods.


    Extensive assortment of PDR tools

    At Car Cosmetics B.V., you can find a wide range of PDR tools for performing the repair technique of dent removal without painting. We have the largest collection of tools in all of Europe. The materials are of very high quality, ensuring that you can apply the method effortlessly. Our assortment includes products such as:



    In short, we have everything you need for the PDR technique. Almost every article is available in stock and will be delivered quickly to the location of your choice.


    About Car Cosmetics B.V.

    At Car Cosmetics B.V., a team of experienced professionals with the right skills is working. We are recognized by BOVAG to provide training and as a supplier for supplying various tool systems.


    Our training courses are suitable for individuals and companies. Step by step, we teach various techniques to the students. Through good information, professional guidance, and perseverance, the desired level is achieved. We are specialized in courses on paintless dent removal (hail damage/parking damage).



    Would you like to learn more about PDR or do you have any questions about the dent removal tools without painting? Please contact us at +31 765 43 08 08 or send an email to [email protected]. Our professionals are ready to provide expert information about the various PDR tools and advise you on their purchase.