Our Brands PDR Tools

    Our Brands PDR Tools

    Are you looking for PDR tools to use for dent repair of cars within your company? Car Cosmetics B.V. has many handy tools to perform the paintless dent repair technique. With more than 28 years of experience, we have all the knowledge about repair techniques and associated tools. You will receive a lifelong guarantee on our products, which are of very good quality and ensure a 100% successful result.


    Wide range of PDR tools

    For the best PDR tools, Car Cosmetics BV is the right place to go. We sell various tools for paintless dent repair from high-quality brands such as:



    Our products include brace tools, whale tails, flatbars, tool sets, pdr glue systems, adjustable tools, hand tools, shaved tools, wire tools, side panels, door tools, hooks, and more. We have everything you need to quickly and easily repair dents in cars.


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    Paintless dent repair technique

    PDR tools are used to apply the paintless dent repair technique. This is a method to repair small parking dents and damage caused by hail or acorns, for example. With special tools, even dents under spants or on other hard-to-reach places can be repaired. There is no color difference, and the repair is 100% invisible. Moreover, the PDR method is environmentally friendly and 70% cheaper than traditional repair techniques.


    About Car Cosmetics B.V.

    Car Cosmetics B.V. is a supplier of all kinds of tool systems and also offers training courses on repair techniques. Our passion lies in cars and all related aspects of luxury repairs. We have many years of experience and are recognized by BOVAG. Our courses are suitable for both companies and individuals. We offer suitable advice to companies that consider expanding their services with new repair methods. We transfer knowledge to our students step by step. Good information, proper guidance, and perseverance ensure that the desired level is achieved in no time. Our specialization is training in paintless dent repair (hail damage/parking damage).


    Want to know more about PDR tools? Contact us

    If you want additional information or advice on PDR tools, contact our experts. Car Cosmetics B.V. is ready to help you with personalized advice. You can reach us by phone at 0765 43 08 08 or email us at [email protected].