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    Are you a professional within the automotive industry and are you looking for an efficient way to remove small dents from vehicles? Our T-Hotbox/Powerbox from Car Cosmetics offers the solution you need. This advanced tool is the tool to successfully carry out the paintless dent removal technique. At Car Cosmetics you will find everything you need to restore and maintain cars in optimal condition. We have the largest collection of tools in Europe!


    What is a T-Hotbox/Powerbox?

    The T-Hotbox/Powerbox is a technologically advanced tool specifically designed for Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). This tool allows you to remove dents in vehicles without damaging the original paint layer. It is a must-have for auto repair technicians and car enthusiasts who strive for perfection in their work.


    The advantages of the T-Hotbox/Powerbox

    The T-Hotbox/Powerbox offers numerous advantages and is a valuable investment for your car company:

    • Impressive PDR performance: The advanced technology behind the T-Hotbox/Powerbox enables dent removal quickly and effectively, making paintless dent removal an effortless task.
    • Protection of the original paint: the T-Hotbox/Powerbox leaves the original paint of the vehicle unaffected, without color differences or damage.
    • Precision work: This tool is perfect for dents in hard-to-reach places, making even difficult dents easy to tackle.
    • Environmentally friendly: the T-Hotbox/Powerbox is an environmentally friendly option because it does not use harmful chemicals or paint.


    Paintless dent removal repair technique

    The repair technique of paintless dent removal is a method to repair small parking dents and damage from, for example, hail or acorns. Special tools can even be used to remove dents under trusses or in other places that are difficult to reach. There is no color difference and the repair is 100% visible. Moreover, the PDR method is environmentally friendly and 70% cheaper than traditional repair techniques.


    Our extensive range of PDR tools

    At Car Cosmetics we offer an extensive range of T-Hotbox/Powerbox tools to meet your needs. Our range includes the T-HotBox PDR, the PDR HotBox and the T-HotBox Dent Removal. We also offer the following products:


    About Car Cosmetics

    Car Cosmetics is your specialist in the field of tool systems for cars. We have many years of experience and are recognized by the BOVAG. In addition to being a supplier of tools, we also offer training on paintless dent removal. This is suitable for companies and private individuals. Many companies are considering expanding their services to include new repair methods. Through this training we transfer our knowledge to the students, so that the desired level is quickly reached.


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    Would you like more information about the T-Hotbox/Powerbox? Please contact Car Cosmetics immediately. We are happy to advise you about our products, so that you find what you are looking for. You can reach us by telephone on 0765 43 08 08 or email [email protected].