Hail Damage / Hail Team / Hail Pro

    We know better than anyone that the workload is often very high in hail disasters , Car Cosmetics offers you a fast , and modern reparation methode to fix the hail damage on cars.

    Call Car Cosmetics and our team of professionals to restyle your cars

    Car Cosmetics has the restylers for various calamities. These restylers have been trained by us or have been selected by us and working according to our standards . We go for perfection , the final inspection therefore always performed by Car Cosmetics BV .

    What does that mean to you as a company or organization .

    Fast passages , reducing costs ( rental car , etc. )
    ◦ Advice about the reparation calculation / or we calculate your hail damage
    ◦ 100% reparation
    ◦ Environment friendly repair
    ◦ Satisfied Customers
    ◦ You can fully concentrate on your own work and staff

    We work on behalf of both ; bodyshops / dealers and insurance companies.
    Through our years of experience , this is easy for us to realize .