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    Whail Tail Set
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    Whail Tail Set
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    At Car Cosmetics we understand that paintless dent removal (PDR) is an art in itself, requiring precision and the right tools. That is why we proudly present our high-quality PDR Tool Sets. With these complete sets you have everything you need to carry out professional and accurate paintless dent removal work. Discover the benefits and possibilities of our PDR Tool Sets and take your bodywork repair projects to the next level!


    Paintless Dent Removal toolset: the complete solution

    Our PDR Tool Sets have been carefully formulated to meet all your paintless dent removal needs. With a wide range of tools and accessories at your fingertips, you can tackle even the most complex dents and damage effectively. Whether you are a professional bodywork specialist or an enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer, our paintless dent removal kits provide the perfect toolkit to take care of your dent removal work to perfection.


    What's in a PDR toolset?

    A PDR toolset includes a variety of tools, including high-quality carbon tools and hammers for precision work. These tools are manufactured to meet PDR's specific requirements, so you can confidently remove dents without damaging the paint. Discover our complete range of PDR tools and prepare for efficient and accurate repair work.


    Our range of PDR toolsets

    At Car Cosmetics we offer a wide range of PDR lamps and accessories that perfectly meet your specific needs. Our range includes different models and functions to meet the demands of both professionals and do-it-yourselfers.

    Carbon tools and hammers

    Our PDR Tool Sets contain high-quality carbon tools and hammers that combine durability and strength. With ergonomic handles and precise designs, these tools allow you to tackle dents with confidence and precision.

    PDR tool tips

    Our PDR Tool Sets come with a selection of useful PDR tool tips. These interchangeable tips allow you to adapt to different dent sizes and surfaces. With the right tip, you can maximize accuracy and efficiency so that every restoration project runs smoothly.

    PDR accessories

    To make your dent removal work even easier, our PDR Tool Sets also offer useful accessories. From storage solutions to practical tools, these PDR accessories are designed to streamline and improve your workflow.


    Buy a Paintless Dent Removal set at Car Cosmetics

    At Car Cosmetics we understand that high-quality tools are the key to successful paintless dent removal work. Our PDR Tool Sets provide everything you need to remove dents professionally, while keeping the paint surface intact. Visit our PDR Tool Sets page and discover how you can take your PDR projects to new heights.



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