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    A1 Tool

    Are you looking for high-quality A-1 Tools for paintless dent removal? At Car Cosmetics B.V. we have an extensive selection of top quality A-1 PDR Tools. Thanks to these strong and durable tools, applying UZS is more efficient than ever. With more than 22 years of experience in repair techniques, we are your reliable partner for all your needs in the field of A-1 paintless dent repair. We offer products of the highest quality, so you are assured of a successful result.


    About A-1 Tool

    A-1 Tool has been a major player in the paintless dent removal tools market since 1991 and one of the first in the PDR industry. The paintless dent removal tools from A-1 Tool are made of high carbon spring steel, tempered spring steel and stainless spring steel. Stainless steel tools look beautifully finished, cannot oxidize and are slightly more expensive.


    Various models of paintless dent repair tools

    At Car Cosmetics B.V. we have a very extensive range of A-1 Tools consisting of approximately 193 different models, including rods, flatbars, hook and crook tools, ratcheting hand tools, flatshaft tools, pistol grips, wires, hand tools, interchangeable tip tools, jerry powell tools and stanliner snake tools. The tools from A-1 Tool are available in various different handles, including the pipe handless, the injection molded handles, pistol grips and ratcheting handles.


    Our range of A1 Tools

    At Car Cosmetics B.V. you have come to the right place for quality products from A1 Tool. We sell various tools for quickly and easily removing dents from cars. These are available both individually and in sets. In our A-1 Tools range you will find the following products, among others:


    View our recent additions from A1-Tool to the range here.


    About Car Cosmetics B.V.

    Car Cosmetics B.V. is a supplier of various types of tool systems and offers training on paintless dent removal. We have a great passion for cars and all associated matters in the field of luxury car repairs. In addition, our employees have many years of experience and we are recognized by the BOVAG.

    Our training is suitable for companies and private individuals. Many companies are thinking about expanding their services to include new types of repair methods. We offer tailor-made advice for this. We transfer the knowledge to our students step by step. Thanks to our good information, the right guidance and perseverance, the desired level will be reached in no time.



    Would you like more information about A1 Tools or do you need help finding the right products? Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact Car Cosmetics B.V. reach us by telephone on 0765 43 08 08 or email [email protected].