PDR Glue technique

    PDR Glue technique

    Glue technology is the most new method for paintless dent removal. At Car Cosmetics you will find a wide range of products that help you implement this technique quickly and efficiently within the automotive industry. From glue guns to glue cartridges, impact pullers and glue dissolvers. In short: everything you need to remove dents on cars using bonding. With our products you are assured of a successful result.


    Paintless dent removal based on adhesive technology

    Gluing technology allows you to carry out repairs quickly and accurately. When applying the gluing technique, you work from above and outside. You glue a special glue adapter into the dent, after which you pull the dent back using an impact puller or tire lifting pliers. After removing dents, remove the adhesive adapter and you can start polishing the paint. This way you can achieve an invisible repair.


    Essential tools for adhesive technology

    To apply gluing technology effectively, you need the right tools. Here are some essential products that are indispensable for a successful result:


    Glue gun

    Our range of high-quality glue guns offers various options to meet your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a glue gun from Makita, a glue gun from DeWalt or a cordless glue gun, you are guaranteed to find the right one with us.


    Glue adapter and glue cartridge

    Glue adapters or tabs and glue cartridges are indispensable when performing the gluing technique. These are essential for removing dents from cars and are available in different designs.


    PDR glue remover

    An effective adhesive remover is essential for dissolving adhesive under the PDR dent tabs. Our PDR adhesive solvents are ideal for this.


    PDR impact puller

    PDR impact pullers are indispensable for deeper dents and larger repairs. They provide the necessary power to remove even the most stubborn dents.


    PDR mini lifter

    The PDR mini lifters are useful tools when applying the gluing technique. They provide optimal support and ensure a smooth work process.



    K-Bars are a versatile dent removal tool and provide excellent leverage for repairs.


    PDR adhesive system

    The PDR adhesive systems from Car Cosmetics include all kinds of tools and products that you need for the PDR technique. The cases consist of a glue gun, impact puller, glue remover and various other products.


    Cold glue

    Glexo cold glue is universal and can be used with any impact tool. At Car Cosmetics you will find cold glue in a small set and a complete set with accessories.


    Charger and replacement battery

    The Makita charger charges your devices quickly and efficiently. In addition, Car Cosmetics has a Makita replacement battery in its collection, with which your Makita devices are always ready for use.



    Car Cosmetics is your reliable supplier of tool systems and recognized by the BOVAG. We also offer training for paintless dent removal. If you have any questions about adhesive technology or our products, please contact us. We can be reached on 0765 43 08 08 or by email at [email protected].