Ton Wouters - Monday 23 May 2021

    Do you work wirelessly?

    Work wirelessly

    Do you also find it annoying that the wire of your lamp is always in the way, or are you tired of lugging those heavy batteries over and over again?

    We offer you the solution

    Our universal battery package with built-in BMS (battery management system) protects your battery, so that your battery cannot break when it is completely empty.

    What makes the battery so good?

    Our battery is built into a nice aluminum case, and is very light and handy, and has a 20 AH Lithium ion Battery and built-in charger with built-in LED control light (Red is charging, Green is full).

    How long can I work with this battery?

    This of course strongly depends on the type of lamp you are working with, we have tested the battery with different brands, and on average the lamp works for at least a whole day with 6 LEDs, up to 3 working days with lamps with 3 LEDs.

    How long will the battery last before it wears out?

    Our battery pack lasts approximately 4 to 6 years, according to our supplier. We have been testing the batteries ourselves for about 4 years now and have not yet noticed any wear.

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