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    Surebonder PRO2 Wireless Glue Gun

    Surebonder PRO2-60 cordless glue gun for paintless dent repair.

    The Surebonder PRO-60 watt, 18 volt cordless glue gun is an ideal user-friendly glue gun for paintless dent repair. It is widely used in hard-to-reach places or parts that require a lot of disassembly and assembly.

    This professional glue gun can be used with the Makita 18Volt, Milwaukee 18Volt or De Walt 20 Volt batteries. these are available separately from us.

    The glue gun is equipped with a standard temperature setting and a control light.

    Due to the weight of the battery, the glue gun can be stored very stably.

    You can use all glue sticks available on the market from 11-12 MM

    We recommend the transparent glue cartridges, the ATP LPKR, specially developed for Car Cosmetics.

    This glue can be used in every season, and ensures that the dent tab is very tight, the glue is easily dissolved with the available glue remover. The adhesive does not stick to the dent tab and comes off without any problems.

    Glue technique

    The technique of gluing has improved enormously in recent years, this is partly due to the specially designed ergonomically designed glue guns that are very user-friendly and lie comfortably in the hand. Leakage or dripping of glue is a thing of the past, and dosing the glue on the tops is much easier so that the correct amount of glue can be applied.


    Various nozzles are available that give more or less glue in both flat and round shapes. take a look!

    Glue patterns

    The glue patterns required for this have been developed so that the dent tabs are much tighter, which ensures that dent removal without spraying is much faster and smoother.

    Dent tabs

    It is therefore very important which dent tabs you use in the adhesive technique, there are now various manufacturers who supply dent tabs.

    We have all well-known brands of dent tabs in our range such as; LAKA Tabs, Black Plaque, KECO, Wurth, etc.

    Started about 10 years ago with 6 different models of glue tabs, currently you have the choice of about 200 different models of glue tabs on the market.

    Because the technology and the materials have been greatly improved, you can nowadays repair almost all conceivable dents with glue, both round, sharp and folding dents. Of course you have to master the technique and skills to achieve them in a good quality way.

    What is also an important aspect is the degree of stiffness of the material, there must be a certain flexibility in the stem of the dent tabs to ensure that it not only stays in place but also that it does not break, so a long lifespan and optimal results.

    We recommend the dent tabs from Laka tools.

    A very extensive range and very high and good quality.

    Many of our customers rate this brand as “very good”.

    If you have any questions or comments about this product, please comment below.

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